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Zero Waste Scotland

Thanks to its services, which lead to the recycling of the 90% of all skip waste, West Coast Environmental Service contributes to waste minimization, aiding the more efficient use of resources and to Zero Waste Scotland goals.

Scotland’s first Zero Waste Plan was published on the 9th June 2010. The plan builds on those past achievements and on-going progress. It sets the strategic direction for waste policy for Scotland, informed by improved understanding of the environmental consequences of how weuse and dispose of resources, and by the requirements of European Legislation. The targets of this plan involve businesses, local authorities and citizens to meet the next goals:
  • All businesses and organisations to present key recyclable material for collection from 1 January 2014.
  • A ban on municipal biodegradable waste going to landfill by 1 January 2021.
  • Scottish Government will aspire to achieve an overall recycling and composting level of 70% and 5% (maximum) landfill for the total Scottish waste arising by 2025.
  • The Scottish Government will aim to secure 70% recycling of construction and demolition waste by 2020 to contribute to achievement of the UK target.
  • Scotland needs to reduce the landfilling of biodegradable municipal waste to 1.26 million tonnes by 2020. This requires the diversion of an additional 530,000 tonnes of biodegradable municipal waste.
To know more, follow the link to enter in Zero Waste Scotland website.
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Zero Waste Scotland
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